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from san francisco tonight y clear, crisp, and above all, cold. this live picture from san francisco tonight may look pleasant with all the lights, but if you're heading outside, be prepared. the bay area freeze isn't over yet. in fact temperatures, it's about 8 degrees cooler in spots at this hour than what they were last night at this hour. concord down to 31 degrees. it's already below freezing in concord. that's 8 degrees cooler than what it was last night at this time. san francisco down to 44. look at santa rosa. 27 degrees right now. no surprise there. freeze warnings, posted throughout the bay area and with temperatures forecasted to get into the lower 20s. and so it is a right night to the outside. be sure that you can tend to things as it will be awfully cold tonight and the forecast lows show that santa rosa down to 23 and san jose down to 30
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degrees. livermore at 27 degrees. people all over the bay area are shivering, but they report only some of those people will mind the cold. >> it's not exactly the tahoe weather, but it is cold. now, how cold? if you have not been out there to experience it at all, you can see how it will work. >> with the temperatures headed for freezing, snow is piling up here in walnut creek at the ice rink. and folks, they're putting on more clothes. >> just bundled three layers down and a good day to come out ice skating. >> yes. and the sun was still shining late in the afternoon as they dropped to 40 degrees. it is so cool. there's ice everywhere. >> reporter: most shoppers weren't ready for this. >> how are you dealing with the cold? >> bundling up. i have my mittens on. you don't look very warm. >> i'm not.
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>> it doesn't look like you could be dressed that warmly. >> no, i'm very cold right now. >> we're dressed up a little extra and wearing my rabbit fur and that's it. >> reporter: the cold weather, they may have kept folks away from the lot on maine. two nights ago i was very cold here. very cold. but you see we have a heat lamp. >> reporter: many may not like the cold. do you love the cold weather? >> yeah. >> why? >> because it's the season and that's how it should be. >> reporter: at the outset it's not tahoe weather, but my iphone tells me that it is 33 degrees. reporting live, don knapp, kpix 5. they are feeling and looking a lot more like winter tonight. >> how the snow and sleet and ice, creating dangerous
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conditions, giving travelers a headache. >> reporter: they will try to bounce it back outside. >> reporter: the snow didn't keep them off the field. they've been moving across the country, reaching havoc on the road and the airport where thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed. but the dangerous mix of the freezing rain, sleet, snow, blanketed the southwest and then pushed north and east. it is expected to lead up to a foot of snow in pennsylvania where the multi-car pileup left one person dead. and they took at least six more lives. >> it looks like a one-two punch, creating a very dangerous mixing line. it looks like it will be even more dangerous. >> reporter: the mix has hit new york where the snow is expected to turn to rain before they will go back up to the highs. >> it seems like there will be ice and snow again. >> reporter: and they also stranded thousands at the
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dallas ft. worth airport and briefly grounded planes as the power outages continued in the south. as the weather pushes down from the north, millions could face themselves in that morning news. >> the weather is also causing the flight delays for the bay area travelers. they show the average delay of about an hour for flights headed to and from the areas hit in the storm. and some flights, delayed by more than three hours. a family walking in the county park this afternoon, they stumbled upon the human remains. they were at the regional park when they spotted the human skull and the tennis shoe. calling the sheriff deputies who also found the remains in the area with no information though on the identity of the victim. >> and a heated rivalry was renewed today as they face the seattle seahawks. we'll show you how the police kept the fans in check. >> reporter: outside
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candlestick park, no shortage of the crowd control from all ranks of law enforcement. and when there is this kind of rivalry, the extra security will become a top priority for the san francisco police chief. he will not talk about the hard numbers, but did say. >> i will tell you what, we had about 50% more officers than in the day game today and twice as many officers in the opposing team. >> reporter: that means they will be describing themselves in the seahawks jerseys, monitoring the crowd inside and outside candlestick park at all times. they do it at their home games. and for a big game like this, we will do it too. >> you will find yourself in jail and these tickets are expensive as you will want to find yourself inside the stadium. >> it is all good. >> reporter: for fans, the extra security was paying off. they broke up the pre-game fight or two in their days, but
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not today. >> and it is chill and it is a game and we want to outdo ourselves. >> reporter: and the sisters are in from out of town and they agree. >> i heard that it could be, you know, not so safe, whatever, but we file fine, walking there too. >> reporter: and the true test of the fans, they will come on the 23rd when the 49ers needed to play the last game in this legendary stadium. >> the niners went on to win the game and police, they are calling the results of their efforts a big win as well. questions experts this week to try to find out what caused the crash at sfo back in july. the hearing will focus on the problems with the plane's throttle and the communication issues. the experts believe that the human error was to blame and a report showing that some first
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responders to the scene, that they didn't have training for the accident like this. the korean war vet spent more than a month after being taken into custody while on the trip. and now we are learning that they were kept in the hotel the entire time. not the jail cell. but they told the santa cruz that they were asked about the apology. he said that it is not my english that he had a bit of that there. >> this is the first sunday since nelson mandela's death for the former president's death. the memorial service began on tuesday, but the celebrations of mandela's life have not let up since his death on thursday. today the ex-wife attended one service. it's the country's first black president. it's what was inspired for them to be able to do and to show
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millions of people to engage in it all and to end the injustice. >> reporter: they will leave tomorrow for south africa, attending a national memorial service for mandela on tuesday. bay area church goers will honor the former afghan president today. the celebration of the life and legacy at san francisco's memorial church. the only thing missing was sadness. of young people. "i don't think you can makee i think the yo the mood was joyful as the children's choir honored the passing of the man called the father of the nation. >> it's bigger than that. i mean, he touched all of our lives, regardless of where we were in the world. >> reporter: and they met him
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twice. the first time they have celebrated a big appearance in oakland in 1990. as william said that the power came from his ability to rise above the outrage of his imprisonment. to become a force for the peaceful change in the tradition of ghandi and dr. martin luther king jr. >> being in prison for 27 years. you hear me? 27 years. and then walking out of that prison as a new person completely. no doubt about it. that they needed to liberate the world in many ways. >> reporter: mandela was already in their 70s when he walked out of prison. but the message resonated strongest with the younger generation as they think that the real change, they will always happen because of the young people. >> i don't think that you could make the change without the youth and that you can see themselves growing up in the different world. >> i feel like me, that we're going to do everything in our
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powers to make sure to teach the children about them. and to keep updating my status because i feel like, you know, he's a man that will need to be celebrated forever. >> reporter: he often wanted to create a rainbow nation. today's service shows that it does not have to be just a dream. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. in san francisco flags are flying at half staff all this weekend. they will hold their own memorial for mandela wednesday morning at city hall. a stanford medical team returned home today after two weeks of helping with typhoon haiyan relief efforts. during their time in the philippines, they treated about 200 patients a day. they were a part of an international medical team, seeing incredible progress. they treated cuts, infections, and other injuries, but also provided emotional support. >> and just them listening about the stories, and i think that they feel good. my present, our presence actually makes them feel good.
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and they are very grateful for that. >> reporter: the team says while there is tremendous devastation, the trip was draining, but they came away with a real sense of optimism. cities are still picking up the pieces a month after the storm. the city took a direct hit. an estimated 90% of it was destroyed. hundreds of people, they were still missing as experts say it could be a decade before the reconstruction efforts are complete. >> well, fast cars, flowers, a whole lot of fame. and why this tribute to actor paul walker will be drawing thousands of people. >> it wasn't tissue lens to find out what -- turbulence, to find out what happened. ,,,, a subaru...
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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the event -- organized onli- drew car enthusiasts and fa. greg mills explains how walr inspired many of those who showed up. "fast and furious six" comes out on d-v-d this tuesday. of the sales will be
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they had all these banners up. >> they inspire you to fix up the car and to do a lot to it. and the stylish, the rims, everything. >> there's a connection among the people here and they share interests in the fast cars and the bond they have with the movie star loving his cool cars to stardom. >> we've watched all his movies. 14 years with fast and the furious. it means a lot to us. >> reporter: she got up at 4:30 this morning. and this was a social media- driven event. thousands posted on facebook that they'd attend. >> if we were not engaged in social media, frankly all these people would have showed up for and we wouldn't have been prepared for it. >> reporter: checking facebook is how the sheriff department heard about it. >> there were no events or organizers that really communicated with us at all. >> reporter: the sheriff department could only guess
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what was needed to ensure a safe and orderly day here as barricades were set up. the deputies and volunteers were called in. >> there are also a lot of full- time regular deputies, including some on overtime. >> reporter: in in other words they would pick up the tab. and that they came to share the most heartfelt wishes for the fast and furious star who touched so many with their good deeds worldwide. >> i just wrote that paul walker inspire us. and i want him to know we love him. >> the fast and furious 6th dvd comes out this tuesday. a part of the sales of the dvd will be donated to walker's charity, reach out worldwide. benefiting people struggling after natural disasters. san diego's embattled former mayor expected to be sentenced tomorrow on sexual harassment charges as a part of the plea agreement. bob will get three years probation and three months of home confinement. he'll also have to undergo the mental health treatment. he resigned in august after more than a dozen women accused
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him of making unwanted advancements towards them. he pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and misdemeanor battery charges. an airline is trying to figure out how nobody noticed that a sleeping passenger got locked inside a plane. tom wagner was on his way from louisiana to california and fell asleep on his connecting flight to houston. when he woke up, the plane was dark. and he thought he was dreaming. but soon figured out it was real when workers walked on board. >> you know don't put the blame on me. i said i didn't do anything wrong here. and then they were like okay, you know, try to hush, hush, keep you quiet. but he didn't do that. >> reporter: since missing the express way, they gave him avoucher and they are still trying to figure out how no one noticed walker during the post flight walk through. and a fire began for the holiday parade in virginia beach last night. one of the firefighters grabbed the fire extinguisher from the nearby pizza joint, quickly putting out the fire. and they said that the
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generator was surrounded by the combustible material for them and no one was seriously injured. but the members, they were hospitalized with the breathing problems. >> unusual weather conditions near the colorado group have created flood dangers. >> bear creek in golden colorado are six to seven feet higher than normal. and the fridged overnight temperatures, they are freezing the waters on the top of the creek, still flowing underneath. cause more layers of ice every single day as they will continue to rise and once that ice breaks, that the area could be flooded with the chunks of ice. and now, they are just farmers in central california and they said that they have dodged the blunt of the storm. and that they have managed to prevent the crop damage by letting the temperatures dip into the 20s. but more conditions expected this week. >> right now, just to revisit the topic. that we've got the temperatures below freezing in the bay area,
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especially up in santa rosa, where the numbers are just dropping to a set of car keys. san francisco at 44 and just to revisit the topic with the freeze warnings that will be posted tonight, they'll be posted there tomorrow as well and finally by tuesday morning that we should be out of all of this and that we're expecting the freezing numbers here tonight for the overnight lows again. 27 at livermore and 24 degrees at fairfield and 24 at napa. it is cold out there for them and from 1 to 8 degrees cooler right now than what it was last night and tonight, we should bottom out for them and that they should not be that bad and to help the temperatures drop just a bit for them in santa rosa and in napa to get them down for the clear skies. but by 8:00, they were down to the lower 40s. and for tomorrow, they will need to recover to the near 50- degree range. and so in the daytime, we're bumping up the numbers for them. like they need to go out and that it will not be as cold as it was today. but that's what's happening for them and the low pressure over
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california that is moving into the texas panhandle region and the jet stream that divides the cold air from the north to the relatively warm air to the south, allowing all the arctic air up here to plunge all the way down to mexico. as a result, the cold air, they will need to help us with pretty cold tonight. but that's my question to begin to move in for the second half of the week and they will begin slowly to edge that direction tomorrow as the numbers come up just a little bit. expect plenty of sunshine after some lows tonight that could be record lows. slight warming trend that will begin and then they are back to near 60 degrees by midweek. for the daytime highs, miami, sweltering at 82. can you believe that? and coming up for them and that the numbers, they're freezing or below. and it will be very cold. they will be heading out. and the freeze warnings, and it will be 50 degrees for fresno at 49. in the bay area, we'll be looking at numbers near 50 degrees in the south bay.
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san mateo gets 49 degrees. campbell at 52 and morgan hill at 51. out in the east bay tomorrow, the numbers will be around walnut creek and danville. and up in napa, it will be the north bay, looking for plenty. and it will be just 51 degrees, up and running for them. if you will be heading up there, you can find 47 degrees for them and the extended forecast. and now they will be covered to the near 60s by thursday. and they will be high and dry all the way up through christmas eve. and that could change and work a long way. it will be a great night for them tomorrow.
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soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace.
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enroll today at instead of learning how to e various programs, some stud will learn how to wr this week they might take a slightly different tone. >> instead of using the various programs, they will need to learn how to write the code behind them and the program is called hour of code and it is being pushed by some of the biggest names. technically bill gates and mark zuckerburg. tens of thousands of kids are expected to participate. >> they want to introduce them to an industry of mystery, separating the average person from mark zuckerburg. >> reporter: this is computer science education week and it
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doesn't take a fancy computer to learn that has tutorials that will be completely unplugged. amazing shots that have tiger woods smiling. it turns out that the 49ers can beat a winning team and it was huge. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice?
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[ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. have beaten the seattle seahawks, start the clock n the 4th quarter, 49ers can now show you more importantly that they have beaten the seattle seahawks for the 4th quarter. frank gore will need to get that ball and pick up the great time for as long as that big run for them for the year. and the 28-yard line, which will be going off for a little chip shot here. but for the game winner and the 49ers, they will need to take down seattle, 19-17, a huge win for san francisco.
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charles woodson says that the raiders played like the bad new bears that nothing went up. curly went up as they would fall 4-9 and they lose to the jet's 47-27. and they will get their big shot for them and no penalties were called. but chopped them, picking up the puck, losing 3-1. it's not a good road trip for them. and zach johnson, it's a miracle drop shot for them to stay alive. and even the tigers would have a big smurk about that one in the playoffs. and that he could not get it to go. and so zach johnson by virtue of that incredible shot for them will beat tiger woods. >> usually it's the other way around. >> yes. they will also need to talk about the raiders in the quarterback situation for them. remaining the quarterback as they needed to start today. and he is leading thecardinals to the second straight rose
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bowl for them on cbs 5. >> we'll be watching. >> that'll do it for us at 10:00. >> we'll see you at 11:00 on kpix 5, good night. ,, ,,,,,,
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